Chapter 1: Our Families Are Just Different


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    We will be discussing the entire book here chapter by chapter. You can expect to see me discussing a couple highlights from the chapter and the ideas to help improve it that specific issue or topic. I REALLY want this to be a group discussion so don’t be afraid to speak up!


    We will spend 2 weeks or so discussing a chapter, one at a time. So keep up! (Don’t worry, old chapter discussions will always be open.) At the end of each chapter, I’ll have a role playing skit for you all to check out!


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    First off, when Kendrick said that I felt it. Those bars exemplify how black people show love. The immense amount of anger that boils over when people they care about are harmed.

    This Chapter was intended to show white people who I am so that they can keep that in mind throughout the text.

    Black People, would you confirm that my take on black culture was accurate? What would you also want white people to know?

    White people, was there anything you didn’t understand? Do you still have questions?

    To expound on the idea of family support during incarceration, If we form a program for inmates to still be able to support their families while in prison, that would use our family bonds as leverage for the community. For example, incorporate a program where inmates work on a community project to earn money towards their children’s college fund. This could possibly keep inmates motivated and relaxed. On the opposite side, as a community, we can put a program in place that the family of an inmate can start to put things in place for the inmate once they come out, to set them up for success. Like, applying for jobs for them, setting them up with shelter, training sessions on ways to help their former incarcerated family member stay out of the system. What yall got?